Saying it Loud and Clear with Creative Communications

In the past, all your business needed to advertise itself was a nice bright sign on its door. Nowadays, a creative communications campaign has to do a lot more than that to capture a customer’s interest.

As the technology of communication has branched out countless directions, so to have people’s attention spans. Radio competes with television and television competes with the internet and the internet is viewed completely differently depending on what device you use.

Each form of digital media presents a unique challenge for today’s creative teams and that’s before you even consider how to keep your ideas in sync with a print campaign. If you’re not careful, an amazing concept that looked good on screen could look terrible on the leaflets you need to have made. It can be a frustrating challenge, but if you’re up to it, you might find it’s a creative and rewarding one.

Here are some lessons the creatives at Doggett Group have learned through their many years of experience.

Tell a story

There are a million different stories to be told so there’s plenty to choose from when planning a creative campaign. The story can be illustrated with text, photography, audio, or video. It might not even require any words. It could just be an image that provokes a certain narrative in a customer’s head. What’s important to remember is that the story should be short. If novels sold products, then McDonald’s would be giving them away with happy meals.

Nail it down

It’s easy to get lost in all the different options at your disposal. The motion graphics that digital technology offers, for example, can be used to great effect, but when planning a much broader commercial endeavour, it’s imperative to create an idea that works across all media. Define exactly what your message is and how you want to communicate it to the world so that you don’t end up with a campaign that’s diverged a thousand different directions, that way, no matter how your advertisement is being viewed, it’s always saying the exact same thing.

Use people with experience

It takes a talented manager to know when to designate a task to somebody else. Putting together a large creative campaign is one such instance. Even in the world of creative design, there are areas that diverge on completely separate routes. The graphic designer you hired might not have a clue about optimising a file for screen, and the photographer that was hired to create your catalogue of products probably doesn’t understand a thing about where to place text.

The value of a great partner that keeps all of these services under one roof cannot be understated. Make sure you enlist one when you need to get your message out there.