Understanding Storage Companies


How do storage companies operate?

Storage is the process of holding goods in warehouses or logistic centers, these storage units are widely used by retail and bulk business owners to supply their goods much more easily available to the market and fill the gap between the manufacturer and consumer.

About Storage Companies by Doggett Group
Stock graphic of a warehouse operation, a lot like ours.

One of the first steps that must be taken while choosing a warehouse is to ensure that they must be clean and functional and it must be chosen wisely because it can make or break your business.

It might sound like an unnecessary expense for many small business owners but outsourcing your storage to a 3rd party service can seriously save you money and boost the productivity of your business.    


Warehouses can be divided into 3 separate categories according to their uses and purposes: 

Distribution centers – People often get confused between distribution centers and warehouses.

Whereas a warehouse might hold items for a long period of time, a distribution center holds products for a short period of time and sees a much higher velocity of products coming in and going out.

Custom Warehouses – These are created according to special products requirements like cold storage warehouses and smart warehouses

Pick, Pack and Drop Warehouses – These warehouses are custom created for high volume product deliveries where they can be packed and directly sent for the shipping.

Thus, warehouses are a very important and crucial part of the inventory management system and must be chosen wisely in order to ensure a smooth delivery process.


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With a vast warehouse facility, Doggett can securely store your inventory in our specialised onsite warehouse and make it instantly available to you at any time.

Our storage facilities come in varying configurations tailored to suit your needs at the best prices.

Our team at our warehouses are skilled and trained for the inventory management system and have a huge experience of storing inventory for many of our previous clients out there.

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